PixelFerber - imaging software



Product features
  • Interface freely configurable

  • Drag & Drop supported

  • Multi-level "Undo" function

  • Layout management

  • System calibration


Import / Export
  • Capturing and storing images from TWAIN-compatible devices, e.g. digital microscope and photo cameras, scanners

  • Import/Export of images in various graphic formats

  • Import/Export of images to/in the dhs database

  • Import/Export of images to/in the Imagic database


Image management
  • Magnifier

  • Overview image

  • Gallery


  • Routine generator (Save, load, run of complex image manipulations)

  • Alteration of brightness and contrast

  • Adjust size and rotation

  • Filter

  • Morphological operations

  • Logical and arithmetic operations

  • Euclidean distance transformations

  • Watershed algorithms



Basis for all PxF expansion modules