PixelFerber - imaging software




  • Grain size characterisation in single-phase ferrite and/or dual-phase ferrite/pearlite structures

  • Analysis using the planimetric (or Jeffries) procedure and/or the intercept procedure

  • These test methods are also suitable to nonmetallic materials with structures having appearances similar to those of the metallic structures shown in the comparison charts

  • Analysis of disrupted structures in the interactive correction mode

  • All configurations can be stored in profiles

  • Accumulation of the measured values over multiple measuring fields

  • Export of images and results to the dhs database

  • Microsoft Excel protocol generation


Supported standards
  • DIN EN ISO 643: 2003-09

  • ASTM E112-10

  • ASTM E1382: 1997-2010


  • Grain size numbers in accordance with the relevant standards

  • Number of grains per unit area

  • Grain stretching

  • Confidence interval CI

  • Relative accuracy RA

  • As well as other characteristically parameters


  • Filter

  • Morphological operations

  • Logical and arithmetic operations

  • Other manipulations

  • Euclidean distance transformations

  • Watershed algorithms

  • Automatic separation algorithms

  • Automatic grain border reconstruction algorithm


PxF Workbench expansion module