PixelFerber - imaging software



Product features
  • The module makes no claims to the content and the quality of the images to be analyzed.

  • The advantage of this module is its universal applicability. Systematic errors arise only subjectively during interactive working styles through the processor.

  • All configurations can be stored in profiles

  • Export of images and results to the dhs database

  • Microsoft Excel protocol generation


Interactive measurement of
  • Lengths

  • Angles

  • Surfaces

  • Circles, Ellipses


Tools for image documentation
  • Scale

  • Arrow

  • Text


Virtual ocular standard overlay grids
  • EN 10247_2007

  • ASTM E 45_2005

  • ISO 4967_1998

  • JIS G 0555_2005

  • NF A-04-106


PxF Workbench expansion module