PixelFerber - imaging software




Product features
  • Quantitative analysis of object populations of any kind through segmentation, measurement and classification of individual objects

  • Object classification according to shape and gray value properties

  • Detection with fixed threshold in the intensity image

  • Manual cutting, deleting objects

  • All configurations can be stored in profiles

  • Accumulation of the measured values over multiple measuring fields

  • Export of images and results to the dhs database

  • Microsoft Excel protocol generation


  • Filter

  • Morphological operations

  • Logical and arithmetic operations

  • Other manipulations

  • Euclidean distance transformations

  • Watershed algorithms

  • Automatic separation algorithms


Porosity determination according to
  • VDG Technical Bulletin P201, P202, P211

  • VW Group Standard "Porosity Determination According to VW 50097 - PV6097"


Expanded set of properties
  • Position, area, perimeter, convex perimeter, shape factor, convexity, average gray value, Feret diameter, orientation, ellipsis area, Euler number, …

  • Circle diameter U, circle diameter F, extension, square dimensions, fiber length, fiber thickness, ...


ROI (region of interest)
  • Rectangle, circle

  • Fixed Size / changeable


PxF Workbench expansion module