PixelFerber - imaging software




Product features
  • All configurations can be stored in profiles

  • Accumulation of the measured values over multiple measuring fields

  • Export of images and results to the dhs database

  • Microsoft Excel protocol generation

  • Interactive correction facility


  • Filter

  • Morphological operations

  • Logical and arithmetic operations

  • Other manipulations

  • Euclidean distance transformations

  • Watershed algorithms

  • Automatic separation algorithms


Determination of the phase fraction
  • Method 1:

    Determination of the absolute and relative phase fraction of one or more phases over thresholding in the intensity image

  • Method 2:

    Determination the volume fraction according to ASTM E 562-02 „Standard Test Method for Determining Volume Fraction by Systematic Manual Point Count“ Calculating the statistical parameters, such as Example: “Statistical precision (% RA)”, “95 % confidence interval”


ROI (region of interest)
  • Rectangle, circle

  • Fixed Size / changeable


PxF Workbench expansion module