PixelFerber - imaging software




Product features
  • Automated image capture and generation of offline image series

  • Management of offline image series

  • Generation and management of image capture schematic


  • Filter

  • Morphological operations

  • Logical and arithmetic operations

  • Euclidean distance transformations

  • Watershed algorithms


Cross stage support
  • Support of round and rectangular measuring surfaces

  • Manual initialization:

    • Round measuring surfaces over 3 points on the radius

    • Rectangular measuring surfaces over minimal space between 4 points

  • Analysis based on various measuring grids:

    • 100% of the initialized surfaces (images will be put together)

    • Defined distance between the fields of view

    • Defined number of fields of view, equally distributed across the measuring surface

    • Defined area

  • Focus correction

    • Plane equalization (at least 3 independent points)

    • Autofocus


PxF Workbench expansion module